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Microsoft Bing Ad Management

While Google accounts for the majority of web searches it doesn’t account for everything. As of 2021, over 12 billion searches occur on Bing every single month – that’s a lot of searches. By using Bing Ads, you’ll be able to cast a wider net and capture a bigger audience. And we haven’t even mentioned the best part! Since Bing Ads offers a fraction of the competition of Google Ads your ad will show on a greater share of your customer searches giving you more Bing for your buck.

Our Bing ad management services include:

Our Bing ad management services include:

Search Term Research

Campaign Set-Up

Ongoing Optimization

Ad Assets + Copy

Monthly reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

While Microsoft Bing doesn’t command the same market share as Google, there are a number of reasons why Microsoft Bing Ads are worth it.

  • As of 2021, over 12 billion searches occur on Bing every single month. Bing also reaches 44 million desktop searchers not reached on Google. That is a lot of potential advertising reach.
  • Bing Ads offer less competition allowing your ads to show more frequently for less amount of ad spend
Microsoft owns 3 search engines: Bing, Yahoo and AOL. When you advertise with Microsoft Bing Ads, your search ads will show on all three of these search engines.
Nope, these platforms actually play very well together. Bing is designed and works very similarly to Google Ads and you can actually import a Google Ads campaign directly into Microsoft Bing. This is definitely a time-saver and fantastic if you already have an optimized and running Google Ads campaign.
Nope, as mentioned above, Bing and Google play very well together. If you already have a Google Ads campaign you can import it directly into the Microsoft Bing platform.

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