240% Increase in Organic SEO - B2B SEO Case Study

Stock is a B2B uniform manufacturer that focuses on the hospitality space – hotels, restaurants, security, resorts and bars. For the past 18 months we’ve worked with them to improve their organic traffic.



Stock wanted to improve their organic search presence. The search results are largely dominated by large, established brands selling uniforms for cheap. They also compete directly with large online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

We needed to come up with a unique way to target keywords that we could rank for. Trying to rank for the large, product specific keywords like “aprons” wasn’t going to viable.

The month before we started (March 2022) they generated 1,000 unique organic visitors. In October 2023, we generated 3,400 unique visitors or a 240% increase in organic traffic.

More importantly these aren’t all low intent blog post keywords, the strategy was largely built around high intent keywords.


As with all of our SEO programs we take an end-to-end approach

Keyword Research

An exhaustive keyword research process uncovered a number of hidden gems

High Quality Category Pages

Crafted great, unique pages around these keywords that leverage Stock’s extensive library of awesome photography. We created high quality category pages: restaurant uniforms, hotel uniforms, server uniforms, work uniforms and bartender uniforms around these keywords. We also have built up a library of blog content that ranks

Technical & On-Page SEO

We completed a full site audit and fixed technical and on-page SEO issues

Link Building

Developed a link building plan to improve the sites authority and to help it rank for more relevant keywords. We built dozens of high quality backlinks to help support the site’s authority and more specifically those category pages.


What's Next

With the foundation we’ve built we’ve started to target more competitive e-commerce based keywords. We started this with a cluster of pages & content for aprons which performed very well and we’ve since transitioned that strategy to other garments that Stock manufacturers.

Alongside continuing to publish quality blog content that uses Stock’s own products as a foundation we expect to continue to see month over month organic traffic increase.


After an 18 month SEO program, we have:

Organic traffic has increased from ~1000 to 3400 unique visitors (240% increase) in 18 months

Number one rankings for bartender uniform, restaurant uniform and countless long tail versions.

Top 5 rankings for Denim Aprons, Waist Aprons and countless other product search terms.

Organic Traffic: Oct 2023 vs March 2022

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