To The Blue.

We understand that a healthy ocean is crucial for life to thrive on Earth. From the teeny tiny plankton that form the base of the marine food chain to the office favourite, Killer Whale, we’re dedicated to give what we can to ensure a sustainable future for our oceans.

We believe that even the smallest businesses can be the driver for a more sustainable future.

And although we may be small, we’re proud to donate 5% of revenue from new business we take on at Salt Water Digital. We recognize how lucky we are to be in a position to give and feel like it’s our responsibility to do so. 

Our Pledge.

We will be donating monetarily each quarter to a charitable organization dedicated in some way to ocean research, awareness or action. Join our newsletter to learn more about the organizations we support and the contributions we’ve been able to make.

And of course we couldn’t do it without our wonderful clients who trust us with their digital marketing needs. We hope you take pride in supporting small businesses that pledge to make a positive impact on the planet. 

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We're proud to have donated to some amazing organizations.


Dedicated to the protection & restoration of the Fraser River and its watershed. An initiative of Swim Drink Fish, which aims to ensure all citizens are able to safely swim, drink, and fish in BC waters.


North Shore Streamkeepers are ordinary people who are willing to be trained and spend their free time monitoring and improving streams and waterways. Their activities include juvenile fish surveys, community workshops, streamside plantings, advocacy, and education.


2°C is a nonprofit citizen science organization with a mission of transforming anyone who enjoys the outdoors into environmental heroes.

When volunteers carry one of their research-grade climate or ocean sensors, they become mobile data platforms, gathering essential environmental data wherever they go. This data is then shared with scientists worldwide.


The Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE) is a a Filipino non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation of marine megafauna.

They believe science, people and knowledge are key to protect the oceans and the species that call them home.


Watershed Watch Salmon Society is a science-based charity working to defend and rebuild B.C.’s wild salmon. 

They are a highly effective advocacy group which tackles the complex issues facing wild salmon through collaboration with other organizations and community groups.


The resilience Institute focuses on co-developing initiatives that weave local and cultural knowledge with scientific and technical expertise and foster multi-generational engagement.


Surfrider Foundation Vancouver is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the ocean, beaches, and waves, for all people, through a powerful activist network.


The mission of the SeaDoc Society is to ensure the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education.


The mission of the SeaDoc Society is to ensure the health of marine wildlife and their ecosystems through science and education.

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