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For many businesses, Google Ads will be the most effective way to scale. And we have the skills (and certifications) to support you and get the absolute most out of your Google Ad budget.

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Google Search, Display, YouTube & Shopping

For 99% of businesses some type of Google advertising will likely end up in your strategic marketing plan. And it’s for good reason as Google’s range of products are nearly all-encompassing. Salt Water Digital has been a certified partner with Google since our inception and we continue to work hard to stay on top of the most effective marketing trends available.

Buy Traffic with Intent

For many local service based businesses, the bulk of your ad budget will likely be focussed on Google Search Ads. As people search for the services you provide, showing up at the top of the search engine is vital to have a chance at the sale. And for many businesses, the chances of organically securing the top spot on Google without a fantastic SEO plan are slim to none. With search ads, you can buy your way to the top and do it in an affordable way with Salt Water Digital.


Re-Engage with Already Engaged Users

It’s often not on the first visit that you will secure the sale. Instead, you’ll need to warm up your audience by re-engaging with them through what we in the industry call ‘Retargeting’. Luckily, Google’s Display network offers some of the worlds best websites that can host your ads easily and affordably. Combine Google Retargeting with other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and it won’t be long before your phone or e-mail is blowing up.

E-Commerce Powerhouse Tool

For e-commerce companies, Google Shopping is always worth a trial. A well built out e-commerce store will typically do quite well with Google Shopping. In fact, we’ve seen some extremely impressive return on ad spends with Shopping to the sweet tune of over 12 to 1.


all our managed google ad
campaigns include:

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Keyword Research

Ad Asset Creation

Pixel Set Up

Monthly Reporting

Campaign Setup

Ongoing Optimization

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Google products – and pretty much all digital advertising products – the more you spend the more you get. You can spend as little or as much as you’d like and we’ll always be there to advise you. Google primarily uses a ‘Pay-Per-Click’ system which means you only pay for the clicks you receive.
We never recommend running your own Google Ads unless you have the time to learn the platform properly and move beyond Smart Campaigns. For those with budget under $400/month, consider our Fee Free Program.
It really depends on the complexity of the account but fees will generally start at $300/month for management.
Before we start any advertising, we ensure that ad tracking is set up and working so that we can track conversions and ROI easily and effectively.
We typically recommend landing pages but it’s not necessary. If you have a website that has pages designed to convert with great call to actions, we can send traffic directly to those pages. It’s no problem to track.

We Help You Grow Your Business, No Catch.

We will NEVER pressure and this is NOT a sales call. When you book a consultation with us, we promise to be honest, transparent, and trustworthy. If we don’t think it’s a good fit, we will let you know.