Beautiful, Functional Websites for Small Businesses

Our talented team of web designers have built hundreds of websites for small businesses in Vancouver, Canada and the US. 

We have web design solutions to match nearly every budget. Our WordPress websites are always functional, reliable and offer your business unparalleled performance.

At Salt Water Digital, We Believe:

In fulfilling our environmental responsibility to Earth’s oceans while delivering transparent, quantifiable results to our clients.

Small Business Web Design Company Located In Vancouver


A Website Is More Than Just a Place To Visit

As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges that small businesses face when it comes to marketing and online presence. When you work with Salt Water Digital, you’ll be getting a website that not only looks amaaaaazing but a website that performs! We’re marketers at heart which means that every single page of your website will be built with your strategic marketing plan in mind. We ensure your online home is always optimized to power up the web rankings and convert organic and paid traffic at the best possible rate.

We believe that every business deserves a great website, regardless of their size or budget. We offer affordable web design solutions tailored specifically to small businesses with custom website builds starting at just $1,500.

Web Design packages - pricing

Basic Web design package

$ 1000
  • Our basic web design package for a smaller website.

Standard Web design Package

$ 1500
  • Our most popular web design package includes 5-12 web pages.

Web Design Premium Package

$ 1500+
  • Our premium web design package is for those looking for 12+ web pages. Contact us for a pricing estimate.

Our Approach To Crafting
A Stunning Website

Make it Fast, Reliable, and Secure.

When designing or creating a brand new website for our clients there are a few key aspects we focus on. Our first step is creating a website that is fast, reliable, and secure. We work with the most trusted hosting companies in the world, ensuring that your website will never go offline and that your information is secure.

Make it Responsive and User Friendly.

The next step on the list is making sure that we build a user-friendly and responsive website. Our professional UI/UX web designers are going to build you a site that not only you will love, but so will your customers. Having a website that is simple to understand and is easy to navigate will help ensure that your customers find what they’re looking for.

We also have fantastic web management plans that offer unlimited edits, ensure links are never broken, contact forms are being received, and content is always relevant. We then implement a responsive design that ensures your website looks great on all devices. Creating a website that is functional across devices allows for a more seamless consumer experience.

Make it Customized to Your Brand.

Finally, your website needs to be custom designed to accurately reflect your brand. A fresh new design may be just what your business needs to take it to the next level. Every project we design is created to be unique, effective, and eye-catching. Our web design services will help you effectively communicate your brand to your clients through memorable and functional web design. For a more comprehensive rebrand, we offer graphic design services, which can include logo design, branding, improving online ad assets, a fresh packaging design, and lead magnet design.

Make it SEO Optimized.

Fun fact! Before we transitioned to a full(er)-service marketing agency, we were an SEO company. And we were pretty darn good at it! And lucky for our web design clients, we’ve carried those skills over to Salt Water Digital where we bake in the SEO basics to every site we build. Looking for something more advanced? We have a full suite of SEO Services available to all of our clients.

We offer discounted web builds
When you register for web management

UX Designed Site

Basic SEO

Speed Optimized

E-Commerce Options

Fully Responsive

Custom Small Business Websites For Every Budget.

We recognize that not every business needs a $10,000 website. In fact, for many of our clients, a simple design and layout that’s affordable, fast and good-looking is the top priority. We mean it when we say we have a solution for pretty much any budget. 

Our custom small business websites start at just $1,500. On a tight budget and need a simple site? If your budget is under $1,000 then a landing page might be the best bet for you.

Book a consultation today or check out our case studies to learn more about what we can do for you.


What Does Your Web Design Package Include?

When you work with Salt Water Digital you’re partnering with a small team of web design experts based in Vancouver, BC.

We take a personalized approach to all of our Web Design clients. We want to make sure that we accurately understand your vision so that we can create a website you will love. 

Our Web Design experts will create a website that is not only beautiful but also fits the unique functional needs of your business. We have had the opportunity to design websites for small business owners from a wide variety of industries. We understand that each client will have different needs.

Our goal is to build a stunning website that both you and your customers will love.

Our web design services include:

  • Landing Page Design

    It's important to make your first impression count. That is why we make sure all of our landing pages are designed to be engaging, easy to read, and memorable.

  • Web Management

    We offer a Web Management option for $125 a month. Our Website Management ensures that links are never broken, contact forms are being received, and content is always relevant.

  • E-commerce Functionality

    If you plan to sell products or services on your website, you may need features such as a shopping cart, payment gateway integration, and inventory management. We work with hosting sites that can support this.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    When we are creating your website we make sure it has all the basics of SEO. This includes writing content that is optimized for the keywords you are trying to rank for.

  • Graphic Design Elements

    When we create websites we add icons and images that accurately reflect your brand.

  • Location Page Content Creation

    This is very similar to a service page, except instead of trying to rank for interior painter now we're trying tor an area we service. The homepage takes care of your primary service but if you work in a service area we'll want to capture the surrounding towns too.

  • Responsive Design

    A responsive design ensures that your website looks great and functions well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We make sure that every website we build is responsive.

  • UX/UI Design

    Our web design team are experts in creating user-friendly design. Our websites are always straight-forward and simple for consumers to navigate.

  • Content Roadmap

    Before we begin building your website we will create a content roadmap to determine what pages need to be created.

  • Homepage Content Creation

    The homepage is the most valuable page on a service businesses website. It's the page that is going to rank for most of the keywords in their town or city. So, we treat it as such.

  • Service Pages Content Creation

    We aim to create service pages that look good AND have enough content on them. Luckily, we've developed and designed hundreds of websites and landing pages so a service page or two is a breeze.

  • Transparency

    We do our best not to oversell our services on sales call. We are not a churn and burn agency constantly replacing clients every month. We provide detailed work reports, traffic reports and ranking reports. If SEO isn't a great option for your business or if your current provider is doing a good job we WILL tell you.

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Client Web Design Testimonials and Case Studies

Small Business Web Design Clients

Still skeptical? Here are a few websites we created for clients:

Salt Water Digital Local Web Design Reviews from Small Business Owners In Vancouver and Across North America

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard, small business website starts are just $1500 with a web management plan. For larger websites we typically charge $3000-$4000.

We build 99% of our websites on WordPress which is relatively user friendly. If you’d like to learn how to update your website yourself, we’d be happy to teach you. We’ll never lock you out of your own site and are happy to pass it on to another web developer in the future. However, check out web management plans if you require affordable on-going web support.

Reach out for a 100% free no obligation consultation. From that conversation, we should be able to provide a rough estimate and get started on a concept. From there, you’ll work closely with the team at Salt Water Digital to develop something that you’ll love esthetically and we’ll love from a marketing perspective.

We offer content writing services for clients looking for professional website copy. Although many clients choose to provide their own content.

No. And we’ll always be happy to recommend solutions that are both cost and performance effective.

You certainly can but we have fantastic options for stock photos and video that we can incorporate into your web build. Any media you have on hand we can try and incorporate though.

Yes! If you’re need branding and logo design work done we can help.

We Help You Grow Your Business, No Catch.

We will NEVER pressure and this is NOT a sales call. When you book a consultation with us, we promise to be honest, transparent, and trustworthy. If we don’t think it’s a good fit, we will let you know.