Building a Content Marketing Strategy to Drive More Leads

In 12 months we performed a technical SEO audit, keyword research and built a content marketing plan to generate more leads for our client.

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Our client had built up a very strong brand, however their website was not ranking for any of their commercial keywords and their blog posts were driving virtually no traffic.

We saw an opportunity to dramatically improve both commercial keywords and top of funnel keywords to deliver more leads to our client.


With larger sites we like to do an in-depth technical audit. The goal is to ensure the foundation of the website is solid before we start adding content to the site.

We spent the first few months identifying issues, correcting them and improving the on-page for the service pages.

While we did this we performed in-depth keyword research to target and identify questions and topics that their customers were asking, that we could provide the answer to.

Once the site had been cleaned up from a technical analysis standpoint and we had a large list of seed keywords we started a content marketing campaign.



In the first twelve months we have:

Added >100 additional leads per month. A lead in this space is worth $60 to our client.

Increased overall traffic by more than 5x.

Built a pipeline of content to increase that number to 7.5-10x the original traffic totals.

We managed to do this without building a single link to the site, something that is typically required to produce dramatic results.


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