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How we get our Real Estate School client high quality leads for less than $30.

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Our client runs a school for people looking to become a real estate agent, mortgage broker, strata manager or property manager. It’s a niche that has a decent amount of competition in their geographical target area that is getting increasingly competitive. They wanted to increase the number of leads received each month with a tCPA of $50.


Build Convincing Landing Page Design

We had to create a series of landing pages; one for each program they offer. These pages were designed with conversions in mind providing the information and social proof required to convince a prospective lead to book a meeting with their admissions team.

Write Effective Ad Copy

When we’re advertising for high-intent keywords, we want our click-through-rate of our ads to be as high possible. We wrote a variety of ads and then split test them all to determine which ads would have the click-through-rate. We repeat this step on a monthly basis

Keyword Management

Doing strong keyword research is only half the battle. With this account, and every account we manage, we comb the search report on a daily or weekly basis to remove poor performing keywords, build out our negative keyword list and increase our bids for those keywords that are producing a high number of conversions.

Campaign & Ad Group Level Changes

Not everything we advertise for will be successful. And with this account, we found that advertising for the Strata Management course was ineffective. As you’ll see in the screenshot below, the cost per conversion ranges between $16 and $26 but the Strata Management Campaign has a cost per conversion over $150. Once we’ve done what we can to get the cost per conversion down, we’ll make a decision to abandon that portion of the account and reallocate the budget elsewhere.


After 6 months of Google Ad Management we have:

Achieved a cost per acquisition  <$30 in all campaigns

Scaled campaigns from $1,000/month to $3,000/month while also improving the overall cost per acquisition.


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