Targeted Advertising to Passionate Communities

Reddit is one of the fastest growing online communities that is often left out of agency marketing plans. Luckily for our clients, Reddit Ads are a large part of our digital advertising playbook.

At Salt Water Digital, We Believe:

In fulfilling our environmental responsibility to Earth’s oceans while delivering transparent, quantifiable results to our clients.


Is Reddit Right For Your Business?

As with any marketing platform, it’s not always the right choice. The half-billion users of Reddit generally self-subscribe to Subreddits based on their interests. Of course many of the most popular subreddits are more for ‘fun,’ many of the subreddits are super specific to particular subjects like health & wellness, professional services and many many more. 

We’ll be the first to recommend Reddit if it’s a great fit for your business during our consultation. It’s not a service that we recommend often for say, local service based businesses, but for the right business, Reddit provides a scalable platform that’s more affordable than Google or Facebook

The Reddit Approach

The audience on Reddit can be tricky to engage with from an advertising perspective. Users are generally quite passionate about the Subreddits that they subscribe to and creating ads that are designed specifically for Reddit is important. Generally, ‘Salesy’ ads are less effective on Reddit whereas ‘Social Proof’ and ‘Informational’ ads tend to work better.

Audience Analysis

Ad Asset Creation

Pixel Set Up

Monthly Reporting

Landing Page Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

The absolute minimum budget laid out by Reddit is $5/day per campaign or $150/month. However, we generally recommend bigger budgets in attempt to have a more successful campaign.
Don’t worry, we won’t recommend any service we don’t think is right for your business. When determining if Reddit advertising is right for your business, we’ll conduct market research primarily to identify Subreddits that will be an appropriate audience for your ads.

Yes! We take a collaborative approach when it comes to ad design. We look for your support when it comes to providing media (images/video) and copy, but we’ll always work with you create ads for any platform.

Absolutely! We can track any ad platform (for the most part) especially if we’re supporting our advertising efforts with a specially designed landing page.

We Help You Grow Your Business, No Catch.

We will NEVER pressure and this is NOT a sales call. When you book a consultation with us, we promise to be honest, transparent, and trustworthy. If we don’t think it’s a good fit, we will let you know.