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Social media ads can be an effective lead generator for your business when paired with a comprehensive digital strategy

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Paid Social Advertising

There is almost always an angle for businesses to invest in Social Media ads but for certain businesses it can be extremely lucrative. Platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok and Reddit allow us to buy very specific and targeted ad space which will ensure we’re reaching the right audience.

Our strategies on Social Media are varied and ultimately depend on the goals of the business. Once we’ve identified your target market, we’ll provide recommendations for each platform that we think will provide a positive ROI.

Some paid social platforms
we specialize in are:

Some paid social platforms we specialize in are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media ads are great for any business. These spaces allow you to customize the audience you need from demographics to psychographics, and even behavioural very easy for a business. A simple search will lead you to advertisements that you can target at various ages, interests, and other groups.

While every site definitely has is advantages and disadvantages, Facebook is the best place to advertise. They’re great because of their wide reach at low costs.

Social media is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, engage with your audience and can even drive purchases. Depending on client needs, there will be a different goal with a different audience on a different site. Social media advertising is the best way to reach out to your audience in modern day with all technological developments.

Our team works closely with you to ensure your goals are measured and met. This will depend on what exactly is trying to be accomplished, however, there are 3 key indicators that will help you better understand the performance: engagement, followers and traffic.

What Our Paid Social Clients Say

I've been working with Salt Water digital for a few years now, and their tight knit and personable team are knowledgeable, and always willing to jump on a call with me to discuss strategy or trouble shooting. As a smaller Vancouver based company, I am someone who is new to the online ads world, and appreciate their pricing models, and willingness to teach me how their strategies work as we go. They've also helped immensely with our SEO impact through simple and intentional changes. Highly suggest connecting with them!
Erika Weissenborn
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