Maximizing Digital Marketing Reach: WhatsApp Chatbots Redefining CRM Strategies

Amid technological developments, marketing activities are also one aspect of business that is affected. This technological wave is rapidly turning any business effort into digital, for instance, combining both elements of conversation and messaging apps –such as WhatsApp chatbots– as marketing tools. Before the increasingly widespread use of chatbots, WhatsApp itself had been part of […]

Digital Marketing for Freight & Logistics Companies

Digital Marketing for Freight & Logistics Companies: Key Takeaways Client Case Study: Our Marketing Strategy for a Local Logistics Company If you’re reading this, you’re likely here for one of two reasons. Let’s start with the questions every single client asks. How much does Marketing Cost for Logistics & Freight Companies? An SEO campaign will […]

Boosting Brand Visibility with Google Display Ads

Do you ever find yourself questioning the impact of your brand’s advertising efforts?  It can feel like speaking to an empty room, hoping your message somehow resonates amongst the noise. But what if I shared multiple strategies that ensure your messages reach the right eyes and ears?  Picture this: Your ads directly reach individuals genuinely […]

SEO Web Design: How to Build a Business Website That Ranks

SEO web design refers to developing, creating, improving, and maintaining a website that’s both search engine-friendly and user-friendly.  How do you build a website that ranks well and is user-friendly?  Why Does SEO Matter When Designing a Website? Your local business website can rank in two places: the map pack, sometimes referred to as local […]

Effective Tactics for Marketing Your Self-Storage Facility

Successfully marketing a self-storage facility must be tough right? Not necessarily, with the right guidance and actions taken, you can leverage your storage business to become the premier destination for those seeking extra space. Your task?  To become the facility that potential customers rent from by utilizing the marketing strategies below. . This will ensure […]

How To Rank Higher On the Google Map Pack 2023 Edition

It’s not enough to simply have a Google Business Profile and Google Maps listing. Since they are crucial local business marketing tools, you’ll want them to rank higher on Google to stand out from the competition, help new customers find you, and bring you new business for free.  But how can your Google Maps listing […]

How To Automate Google Business Page Responses

If you have a business that receives a lot of reviews/ratings on your Google Business Page per month, you can now automate ChatGPT responses to positive ratings and/or get an email notification whenever you receive a negative rating. What You Need To Get Started Once you have those two sorted out, you can now create […]

The Best Self Storage Websites

The usual practice in the self storage industry has been to create a basic self storage website to generate leads and convert them into paying tenants.  According to Rentech Digital, North America has 53,399 self storage facilities. 45,622 of these facilities have a website. This means it’s important to have a modern self storage website […]

Google Advertising Cost For Small Business

Google Ads is a great way for small business owners to kickstart lead generation. With the right keyword strategy and budget allocation, you can propel your business to the top of Google’s Search results page. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that Google ad spending can get out of hand very quickly.  Determining Your […]

Website Optimization Vancouver

Are you ready to level up your business by improving your online presence? At Salt Water Digital, our SEO packages are designed to help small local businesses thrive online.

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